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Spot the repair? - Us Neither ;)

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What you get with Ottawa's top Drywall Repair Company

Let us make this easy, why don't you?

We drywall, tape, apply 3 coats of mud, sand, prime and paint. All in a matter of hours. So that you can get on with your life!

Part of what makes us Ottawa's best drywall patching company is that we're able to serve you in French, English or Spanish.

Can't get away from the office? 

No Problem, we can communicate by video conference to show you your repair.

Tired of being surprised with extra charges? Patchboyz states its pricing upfront so you know exactly what you're paying.

Need the repair done overnight? No problem, we work with lots of real estate agents and moving companies. We understand!

Looking to have Popcorn ceilings / Stipple or Asbestos products removed from your ottawa home? No problemo, we've got you.


Simple pricing

Emergency Service

Stipple & Asbestos Removal




Local & Reliable

Life is imperfect, but that doesn't mean your walls have to be! 

Whether your kids were having a rough pillow fight or your movers missed a step, it can leave a big hole. Sometimes this can cause a great deal of frustration for you and those involved. We're experts at getting you patched and painted in a timely fashion so that you can get back to what matters most. ;)

Ethical Drywall Contractor

Trilingual - French, English and Spanish

Why Patchboyz?

Meet Jud, master Mudder.

PatchBoyz came as a result of noticing a gap in the market. There are several professions that, as a part of their daily job, make holes in walls.

People in this trade (Mudders or Drywall contractors) will often delay these small jobs, leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth. We started PatchBoyz to take care of the "little guy". Because while your job may be smaller, it's no less important. Sometimes its more important; such as when your movers made a hole in your old home and you give up possession that same day and need if fixed ASAP! That's what we do as Drywall repair contractors.

Fees for service are stated upfront. Unfortunately, in construction, as with other industries, there are companies with subpar materials or surprise fees you only learn about after its too late. Rest assured that our word is our bond and the price is final.

Work with us and see why people say what they do! You won't be disappointed.

About us

Quick look at our happy clients

Rita C

"Jud called to let us know he would be exactly 2 minutes late. I thought this to be quite funny. I am not given to handing out references, but both I and the friends whom I was accompanied by were impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout... I have no hesitation in giving you this letter of endorsement."

Ashley C

I've hired Jud on two occasions to patch holes in our drywall left by a plumber. He is always very responsive and in both cases completed the work within 24hrs of reaching out. He is super pleasant to deal with and his work is excellent. I highly recommend!

Sean & Kristi

"We were extremely pleased with Jud’s planning and execution of a difficult project in our condo. He accepted the challenge of removing a bulky AC unit and expertly rebuilt the wall, so you would never know the unit had ever been there! Jud was committed to delivering professional work with easy communication, and we would recommend him for any drywall project.”

Before and After

Have a look at our work.

We've got it covered

Let us make this easy, why don't you?

Whether your kids, movers, pets or employees have made one or many holes in the wall, we've got your back.

Are you planning a renovation but first need to take care of an asbestos containing product in your home? We will handle the extraction, front to back. No need to worry.

Need to get rid of that popcorn ceiling? We can take care of this for you. Or if you just want to fix it, we can do that too!

Isn't it about time you experience real Customer Service?

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PatchBoyz Ottawa Drywall Repair is located at:

15-3 Hogan St

Ottawa, ON K2E 5E8 


Phone: (613) 627-2592