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Let's work together to solve this issue.


If you've been directed here, it's likely we've done something wrong. First and foremost, we apologize. We do our best to provide a customer service experience we feel you deserve, but I guess we fell short. So, we want to hear about it, in all it's detail.


Important: Having a claim is not sufficient ground for leaving an invoice unpaid. Please pay your invoice to prevent unnecessary interest from accruing on your account. Please uphold your end of the signed agreement by paying upon completion. PatchBoyz will take the time to review your claim and run it by the team, this may take a few days.

How it works

Please fill in the form in full detail. If your complaint is about your service technician's work, you already have our email address. We'll ask that you submit as many pictures as possible about the issue you wish to address. The title of the email should be your claim number.


Your claim number, assuming this is your only one would be your phone number (no spaces) followed by a hashtag and the number of your claim (probably 1).


Example: 4169999999#1


It is important that you provide us with enough information for us to address the issue and make decisions. Many of the fields below are required.

Don't forget to email the pictures/screenshots with your case # in the subject bar (i.e: 4169999999#1)


We thank you for your time in submitting this form. We know we ask for a lot of detail. This detail is very important to us and will help us do our best in resolving this claim for you in as minimal time as possible. The team is very busy and will review your claim when they can sit quietly with it rather than in the middle of a hectic work day. This will allow for a better resolution of the claim at hand. We hope you agree.