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Ottawa Water Damage Restoration

Roof Leaks - Floods - Leaky Faucets - Sewage Backup - Sump Pump Failure

By Jud Menshal | Jul 28 2021 | Water Damage Restoration

Do you have Water Damage??

⚠️ Whether the damage is old or as recent and extreme as this picture, give us a call and we will advise you on what to do.

Do you have a water damaged ceiling, dripping water from ceiling, ceiling damage from water, or need water damage cleanup? 

✅ It's important to address these issues rather than let them sit. Often time when clients think they are "letting it dry" they are letting mold grow inside the ceiling and wall cavities. This leads to a much more expensive repair bill in the end.

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If you’ve experienced one of the following scenarios we can help:

  • Big rain downpour and poor roof seal caused water damage in your home

  • Sink or tub overflowed and leaked onto the next floor or apartment

  • Plumbing leak caused water damage

  • Sewage backup into the basement

  • Failed sump pump

  • Condenser from Air conditioner or fridge leaked and caused water damage

  • Poor vapour barrier or insulation has left condensation in your home, damaging drywall

  • Old windows with condensation have leaked onto drywall, rotting and damaging it

We see these problems all the time. Especially in older homes where maintenance needs to be done.

Water damage due to roof leak in Ottawa

If you’ve had damage to your drywall as a result of a roof leak, there are some things to consider.

  1. Was it on an exterior or interior wall

  2. Is there insulation in that wall?

  3. How far did the water go?

  4. Has it stopped leaking?

  5. If you have a flat-roof, is there a proper drainage path for water?

Obviously, the first thing that needs to be done is to call the roofer. And the roofer can certainly take care of the roof problem. But there is still an event unfolding in the home with that stagnant water.

  • A. If the water has leaked into a non-insulation containing wall, we recommend making several holes and pointing fans at it, for it to dry out.

  • B. If the water has leaked into an exterior wall containing insulation, we recommend either scoring the drywall, at the end of visible damage, and tearing that drywall out, as well as the insulation, then pointing the fan. If you’re not comfortable with this, PatchBoyz, can certainly help with this.

Now you need to inspect to make sure that you’ve taken out everything that was wet. You may now point the fan at this area to dry out your studs and whatever other materials are in the vicinity. If there is a level below, check it for moisture and repeat if necessary.

Get your Virtual Estimate

To get your virtual quote, please follow the 4 quick steps below, in order for us to be able to help you quickly. We'd be happy to help you restore things back to normal.

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4 Quick steps

  1. Take a close up and distanced picture of the area
  2. Take measurements of the hole
  3. Send us a message or call us [contact @ bottom of this page].
  4. Await a quote by email and a potential introduction phone call.

We try to provide all quotes within 24hrs, and quicker if possible.

Services we provide

  • Demolition - we will remove all wetted and compromised materials
  • Mold and Asbestos remediation (if needed)
  • Drywall - we’ll re-drywall the area after having installed the necessary backing.
  • Mudding – we apply tape and 3-4 coats of drywall compound.
  • Sanding – using a dustless system.
  • Prime – we need to prime our work in order to perform a prime check.
  • Paint – this is optional. We can paint the patch/repair with matching paint or we can paint the entire wall. If a surface was painted over a year ago, even a paint-match is not as precise as most would want.

If a stipple ceiling has been damaged, we’re also able to repair and match that texture. Another option that PatchBoyz can offer is the removal of all the texture on said ceiling. Which would brighten up the room and allow light to reflect and fill the room properly.

Article By

Jud Menshal | 📚

Jud is a 14 year Asbestos Removal Type 3 & Supervisor certified remediation technician with additional experience and certifications in Mold, Lead and Finishing. He holds all mandatory safety credentials important for running a safe project site.

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