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Ceiling Crack & Plaster Crack Repair

Are you in need of Drywall crack repair?

If you simply want the best to take care of your Ceiling cracks without a hassle, you can call us or send us a message using the button below.

Hundreds of Wall/Ceiling Cracks Repaired!

Why do walls and Ceilings Crack?

Seasons (Hot & Cold), foundations setting, different interior than exterior temperature, building vibration and nearby construction are all reasons for which our walls and ceilings crack.


Ever walked by and noticed that sneaky little crack snaking its way up your wall? It's pretty common, and here's why. Homes, much like us, have their little quirks. As they age and settle, they move a tad—like us trying to get comfy in a chair. This little dance can make rigid materials like plaster and drywall develop cracks.


Then there’s the weather. As the seasons roll by, our homes breathe in the damp air and exhale when it's dry. Just think of your walls like skin. Sometimes they get dry and crack a bit when they stretch and shrink due to changing humidity. And if your walls aren’t well-insulated or sealed, they'll feel the brunt of Mother Nature even more. So next time you see a crack, just remember, it’s your home’s way of telling its life story. Keep an eye on them, and with a bit of care, they'll serve you well.

Ottawa Plaster Crack Repair

before and after of a high traffic area where we repaired the plaster and painted it blue-grey

Tired of unsightly cracks marring your beautiful walls? Look no further than PatchBoyz! We're not just another repair company; we're your wall's best friend. Our expert team understands the nuances of plaster like no other, ensuring that each repair blends seamlessly with your existing wall. With our top-of-the-line materials and unmatched craftsmanship, those troublesome cracks will be a thing of the past. We guarantee it! Plus, our efficient and friendly service guarantees minimal disruption to your daily life or Home Work-life. Don't settle for mediocre fixes; choose PatchBoyz for a pristine, long-lasting solution. Remember, when it comes to plaster crack repair, nobody patches it up better than PatchBoyz!


We've done hundreds of these repairs and many of them are ones were we have to scrape the home-owners attempt off. We tip our hats off to you for giving it a try. It's not easy. While there's nothing wrong with giving things a try, if you value your time and don't enjoy doing this kind of thing, we suggest you save yourself a little frustration and spend that time with your family instead. Not to mention the cost of all the quality tools to do it yourself.

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Ottawa Ceiling Crack Repair

Ottawa ceiling crack repair on a slanted ceiling. Multiple cracks. Also removed the banner

Ugh, ceiling cracks – we all hate spotting them when we look up, right? But don't worry, PatchBoyz has got your back! Our crew loves what they do, and they've turned fixing those pesky ceiling blemishes into an art form. We don't just patch things up; we treat your ceiling like it's our own. With top-notch materials, a sprinkle of elbow grease, and a lot of care, we ensure that your ceiling feels loved and looks great.

Sometimes cracks are formed by insulation companies or electricians in the attic. This is normal


Whether you're looking to sell or just noticed a new crack, remember: PatchBoyz is just a call away. Because hey, ceilings need TLC too, and we're here to give it! 🛠

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Ottawa Drywall Crack Repair

Before and after of an Ottawa Drywall crack repair to a kitchen ceiling.

Noticed a drywall crack and felt a bit of frustration? We totally get it. At PatchBoyz, we believe in more than just repairs; we prioritize quality and connection. Our team is deeply experienced in handling drywall issues, ensuring that each repair is meticulous and lasting. We use only the finest materials, combined with tried-and-true techniques, to bring your walls back to their prime condition. Beyond the craftsmanship, what truly sets us apart is our genuine commitment to your satisfaction. We're here to listen, advise, and deliver results that not only meet but exceed your expectations. With PatchBoyz, you're not just getting a service; you're getting a partnership rooted in professionalism and care.

Looking to learn more?

We have a full article about that, we'll give you the quick and dirty summary of it all, including  Mudding or Taping.

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Ottawa Stipple Ceiling Crack Repair

Before and after of a stipple crack repair or popcorn crack repair after water-damage.

f you've found a crack in your stipple ceilings (also known as popcorn ceiling), these can be a little trickier to repair than your average crack. We will first have to scrape the surrounding stipple so that we can mud a smooth surface, then we will sand and match the stipple you have. We've done hundreds of these types of repairs. Send us a message or give us a call for a hassle free quote.

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I'm not sure what I have, I just need it fixed

Whether you need a wall crack repair, ceiling crack repair, have plaster cracks or drywall cracks, we can help. Fixing crack in walls and ceilings is what we do. We're done hundreds of these and many local finishers turn to us for our help.

The good news is you don't need to know what your problem is. All you have to do is reach out to us by phone or using the form below. We'll ask you for a picture of the area you're concerned about and then we'll send you a quote in record time.


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