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Need Asbestos Tiles Removed?

We specialize in Asbestos, Honesty and Fast Service.

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Asbestos Tile Removal Ottawa

Why Clients Refer PatchBoyz

For Asbestos Ceiling and Floor Tile Removal


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Experts On-site

With 14 Years of experience in asbestos removal we have the expertise to remove the tile while keeping your family safe.

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Our clients are busy people with important jobs. Therefore our technicians show up on time and send text notifications with a picture when on the way.

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Quick Quotes

We don't make our clients wait around to get a quote. Our process is quick and gets you a price for removal in no time!

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Part of what makes us Ottawa's best asbestos tile removal company is that we're able to serve you in French, English or Spanish.

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Asbestos Floor Tile

Have a picture and square footage? We can likely send you an online quote to remove your asbestos floor tile. We've done thousands of these!

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Asbestos Ceiling Tile

Unsure if your ceiling tile has asbestos or not? We can test it before removal, in order to save you money that you can allocate to other projects.

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral that was mined for several of its great properties that provided benefits to both the end user as well as the builder.

  • Asbestos is a great fire-retardant and can slow down the burn rate of that which it protects or is built into (plumbing, drywall and much more)
  • Asbestos was an affordable filler for all kinds of composite materials. Builders of many products included asbestos into their products to make them more robust.

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is dangerous due to its microscopic size and needle like shape. These fibers, when inhaled will lodge themselves in your lungs, which in turn, causes scar-tissue and further health complications if continuously exposed.

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos is not toxic as it doesn't contain toxins that poison or kill cells. . It is hazardous, however.

What are long term effects of Asbestos exposure?

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Pleural Disease
  • Mesothelioma

These conditions are able to develop over long periods of exposure. Prologed exposure is typically only a factor for people who openly worked with asbestos material before the government classified it as a dangerous material requiring PPE. However, there are cases where certain older homes have been majorly renovated without the proper precautions, recirculating this air without a proper decontamination could pose certain health risks.

Most of the above complications are a result of scarification of the lungs causing tissue build up, potential fluid build up, reduced breathing capacity as well as other functions of the lungs.

According to the the CDC / ATSDR, recent studies also suggest that asbestos exposure could be linked to Larynx and Ovarian Cancer, Stomach and Colorectum Cancer.


The 3 Types of Abatement

The three types of asbestos abatement are Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3

Type 1

This abatement process is used for smaller projects with non-friable asbestos. Wetting procedures are used. PPE use is suggested. These are typically quicker jobs that can be done in a day and for certain materials only.

Type 2

The Type 2 asbestos abatement process is used for larger projects with non-friable asbestos or materials whose friability can be kept under control using substances or dust extraction devices. The area is fully contained during the work.

Type 3

The type 3 abatement process is for friable materials. This process requires a full containment with a dirty room, clean room and shower room. The containment must be kept under negative pressure at all times along with air testing before taking down the containment. This type of removal is quite expensive due to its setup and tear down requirements.


The descriptions of these asbestos removal processes are not comprehensive and do not include the different Type 2 modified possibilities that exist. Please do not attempt any of these procedures without accredited training and experience.

Where can Asbestos be found?

  • Drywall & compound
  • Popcorn ceilings and stipple ceilings
  • ceiling tiles (offices and basements)
  • Caulking
  • Attic Insulation
  • Furnace ducts
  • Roofing shingles and underlay
  • Tar paper in attic
  • Tile mortar & Mastik
  • Concrete
  • Hot water Piping

Asbestos can be found in many building materials found in our homes. This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of how common it is. Have a question? Give us a call: 613 627 2592

Before and After

Asbestos Tile Removal Pictures from our Job-sites

before and after picture of asbestos tile removal in ottawa basement

This basement consisted of 252 sq.ft. of vinyl asbestos tile to be removed by our team. Job executed perfectly for the general contractor.

-Location: CarlingWood, near the Carlingwood Mall

Before an after shots of a full basement with asbestos tile.
PatchBoyz asbestos tile

This basement consisted of 300 sq.ft. of vinyl asbestos tile to be removed by our team. Job executed perfectly for the home-owner so that they could continue with their basement renovation plans.

-Location: Carlington, near the Experimental Farm

Before and after shot of a basement having tile removed. Asbestos containing tile.
Asbestos thumbs up

This basement consisted of 393 sq.ft. of vinyl asbestos tile to be removed by our team. Job executed perfectly for the home-owner so that they could continue with yet another basement renovation.

-Location: WhiteHaven, near the Lincoln Fields Mall

Bank of montreal BMO has used patchboyz to repair drywall at their headquarters in toronto
patchboyz has helpsed great northern insulation with patching
patchboyz aided in the upfit to the bayshore location with drywall and mudding work
mr rooter has used patchboyz to repair drywall
Patchoyz has helped reliance home comfort with drywall repairs and asbestos removal

Why Hire PatchBoyz?

Asbestos abatement is serious business. Our top priority is protecting your family and ours from the fibres found in asbestos containing products. This means, no corners are cut and no oversight is made in an attempt to hurry a job. We work as quickly and diligently as safety allows, in order to get the project done on time and on budget.

O 14 Years Experience

O Residential and Commercial experience

O Private and Public (Government) sectors

O Fast & Honest Service

O Trilingual - French, English & Spanish

Speak to a Real Person

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About us

After years of experience in Asbestos Removal in Ottawa, Jud was leading crews in several government buildings and even the Canadian Parliament. Large parts of the block as well as crawl spaces were remediated to restore our Canadian Heritage building to acceptable standards.

Understanding procedures front to back is very important in this industry and there is no room for error. PatchBoyz imbues this understanding and constant awareness into every job it takes on.

As a team led by two brothers, communication on the team and with clients is top notch and can't be beat. We're in constant contact with you to make sure you're getting a service unrivaled here in Ottawa and our fees for service are stated upfront.

Unfortunately, in construction, as with other industries, there are companies with subpar procedures or surprise fees you only learn about after its too late. Rest assured that our word is our bond and the price is final.

Work with us and see why people say what they do! You won't be disappointed.

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Quick look at our happy clients


Our customers
say it best

and we love them for it.

"Jud called to let us know he would be exactly 2 minutes late. I thought this to be quite funny. I am not given to handing out references, but both I and the friends whom I was accompanied by were impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout... I have no hesitation in giving you this letter of endorsement."

— Rita C

"Hired PatchBoyz for asbestos removal.They were extremely professional, courteous and very fairly priced. They explained everything before and after the work was done and even followed up a few days later to be sure I was satisfied. I will be using them again In the near future, and would recommend them 110%. They are excellent!"

— Bernice P

Thank you so much for coming to my home to remove the asbestos from our vents, or “boots” as you taught us. Your timeliness was of the utmost important to have our furnace replaced. I wouldn’t hesitate to call you again.

— MacGillivray L

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Our Different Services

We do 3 things - But we do them very well!

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Asbestos Drywall Repair

Found out your drywall compound or plaster has asbestos? Pay one company to remediate and repair the whole thing rather than playing "General Contractor".

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Are you planning a renovation but first need to take care of an asbestos containing product in your home? We will handle the extraction, front to back. No need to worry.

Circle icon for stipple removal

Need to get rid of that popcorn ceiling? We can take care of this for you whether it is asbestos stipple or not. Or if you just want to fix it, we can do that too!

We're proudly Servicing all of Ottawa and the Valley including:

Ottawa, Nepean, Bells corners, Gloucester, Orleans, Navan, Rockland, Clarence creek, Limoges, Casselman, Kanata, Stittsville, Greely, Kemptville, Barrhaven, Morrisburg and more.

PatchBoyz Ottawa Drywall Repair is located at:
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Phone: (613) 627-2592

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We like asbestos removal, we like drywall repair. We do both. We can coach you to the best solution for your project. If we're not the right solution for you, we'll help you on your way to it. Promise!

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