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...Our workmanship is never noticed 😉

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...Our workmanship is never noticed 😉

Hiring Tapers / Mudders & Painters

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Drywall Repair, stipple and Popcorn Repair and painting jobs

Thinking about joining the team?

Great, here's the scoop!

What does a PatchBoyz Technician do?

Not much! Kidding. Our technicians are tapers and mudders responsible for going to an average of 2 clients homes a day, using a company vehicle and gas. At these houses he/she could be facing a 1'x1' patch or a bunch of little holes left by electricians. It's the tech's responsibility to follow the instructions on our app and get the job patched and painted (often in 2 visits)


How much does a PatchBoyz Technician make?

Good Question! Transparent as always, here's the scoop. In Ottawa, our technicians start at $30/hr + company vehicle. In other cities this number varies. In certain parts of Toronto, PatchBoyz are starting at $35/hr + company vehicle. Why? We recognize that the cost of living is simply higher in some places. We have to charge the customer a little more in those territories also. That is how we're able to make the numbers work.


Who do we hire?

A lot of our technician are formerly self Employed Tapers or handymen/ contractors. Highly Independent and autonomous. They don’t need much guidance. These are people that enjoyed being independent but got tired of the late nights quoting and selling jobs and wanted to spend more time with the friends and families and still make good money.


Our technicians simply follow the directions in our app, do the job, then go home, no stress, no quoting, no sales, just a nice paycheque to show for it.


Our technicians understand that while they made a lot of money working for themselves, it didn’t always balance out when they counted all the hours spent selling, marketing and book-keeping. This brought their hourly calculation of what they were ACTUALLY making (per hour) way down.

The Van

Your van will be equipped with a full suite of tools including, knives, vacuum, hot muds, air movers, drills, and more. These tools are your responsibility. You lose them, you replace them. They wear out, you send us a picture and we replace.

O Festool

O Dewalt (we know... you like Milwaukee)

O Richard, Nela, Level 5

What qualifications are we looking for?

Good question! We're looking for the following:

  • Valid Drivers license
  • Good driving abstract
  • 5+ years of experience in taping. Plaster capabilities are a plus.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients and management
  • Able to keep a work van and tools in good order
  • Quality Smartphone
  • We use a dispatch app. All your jobs come with photos and checklists directly to your phone
  • Must have an email address - Not your girlfriend's, please.
  • Not afraid of a paintbrush
  • Yup we paint our patches, sometimes a full wall/ceiling
  • Low Ego - we know you're a Taper, so are we. This jobs comes with a lot of benefits and is much easier on your body than the taping life. The trade off is that you have to pick up a paintbrush. The upside? The look on your client's face after 4 hours of easy work. :)


Are there opportunities to move up @ PatchBoyz?

Yes, absolutely. Whether moving into the office and off the tools or taking on more responsibility in your territory to manage equipment maintenance or help with marketing, we have all kinds of additional roles or responsibilities and additional hours for those that want to either make more money or explore a different side of this business. The entry gate is as a PatchBoyz Technician.

Gear Icon Drywall 1


Drywall mud, plaster, stipple, primer, mould killer, paint and PPE. We always encourage out team to wear their P100. Drywall dust ain't good for you.

Gear Icon Drywall 2


To help clients with little jobs. To stop the aching in your bones. To have energy to play with your kids after work.

Gear Icon Drywall 3


We will assign you a territory in your city. We want to be as eco friendly as possible and keep fuel costs/travel time low.

Gear Icon Drywall 4


Gear Icon Drywall 5


Monday to Friday. Want weekend work? No problem, we can arrange that.

Gear Icon Drywall 6


Our client's are respectful people. We won't put you in an environment where you would be mistreated. We're a family and we take care of our own.

Hocs, trowels, finishing blades, knives, air movers, dust extractors and multiple trips


One of your most prized posessions will be a festool dust-extractor. This will allow you to complete your repairs in a virtually dustless environment. When you have to hand-sand, you'll keep the air-hose close to your sanding sponge to save you from hours of cleaning. Some technicians buy additional attachments to make their jobs even quicker.

O Festool

O Dewalt (we know... you like Milwaukee)

O Richard, Nela, Level 5

The Hiring Process

You're still reading, huh? Thanks for sticking around. We'll be asking a few things of you to determine if you qualify as an employee and PatchBoyz Family member.

Step 1: Send email of interest

Using the buttons on this website, or through, kijiji / indeed, send us a quick note to say hi and why you'd like to join the team.


Step 2: Info gathering

We'll send you an email back asking for the following.

-CV / Resume (if you have one)

-Pictures of your work (send as many as you can)

-Your Facebook name - yup, you're going to be representing the brand, we want to see who you are.


Step 3: Video interview

If you've made it this far, it's time for a little face to face. Depending on your platform (Apple vs Android), we'll ask you to spend a bit of time with us on Facetime or Google Duo, to see what makes you tick and whether or not you'd be happy here.


Step 4: Training in GTA or Ottawa

Schedule permitting, we have technicians in the GTA that can train you. If this isn't possible, then you'll travel to Ottawa, at your own expense. Your hotel will be paid for. You'll undergo 1 or two weeks of training/orientation. You'll hop in the van with your mentor for a week or two of ride-along - paid at your training rate. During this time we'll show you which compounds we use at what times and how to use our app. After the first day, your mentor will have you do everything, to make sure you're comfortable.


Step 5: Drive home in your New PatchBoyz Van

If you don't have any troubles with the training, you'll be heading home in your PatchBoyz Van with your new tools, clothing apparel, dispatch app and ready to receive your first dispatch order.


Then What?

Don't worry. We're not abandoning you. You will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor is paid to be available for questions about the work or the app (as long as he doesn't have mud in his hands). He is available for you during working hours. You will also be a part of Video conferences with your mentor and Head office to make sure you're ok. Theses conferences will be often in the beginning and then will taper out to a regular bi-weekly (subject to change) schedule.

Quick look at our happy clients


Our customers
say it best

and we love them for it.

"Jud called to let us know he would be exactly 2 minutes late. I thought this to be quite funny. I am not given to handing out references, but both I and the friends whom I was accompanied by were impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout... I have no hesitation in giving you this letter of endorsement."

— Rita C

I've hired Jud on two occasions to patch holes in our drywall left by a plumber. He is always very responsive and in both cases completed the work within 24hrs of reaching out. He is super pleasant to deal with and his work is excellent. I highly recommend!

— Ashley C

"We were extremely pleased with Jud’s planning and execution of a difficult project in our condo. He accepted the challenge of removing a bulky AC unit and expertly rebuilt the wall, so you would never know the unit had ever been there! Jud was committed to delivering professional work with easy communication, and we would recommend him for any drywall project.”

— Sean & Kristi

Got this?

If any of this appeals to you, drop us a line. If you've been with your company for a long time and not sure about making the leap, we get it.


Eventually the body needs to slow down, however. For some of us that has proven to be sooner than later. We get it. Everything in this life is temporary, your current employer knows that too. If you're thinking about making the jump, you want to know the people behind the brand. We don't blame you. Send in your pictures and resume if you have one, if we like what we see, one of the owners will call you so that you can hear this stuff straight from the horses mouth, no fluff.


We're good folks and looking for more brothers in the family. You can count on honesty, trust and respect here. Consistently.


Thank you for your consideration,

Jud Menshal

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