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Repair to drywall with paint after electrician cut out 2 pucks

"My Electrician made Holes in my Walls"

Unfortunately eggs must be broken to make an omelet. For a lot of electrical work, it's no different. And no, it isn’t typical for the electrician to fix the Drywall. That's why we’re here.

Let us tell you how it all works.

The Process

How to get a quote

The first thing is to let the electricians do their thing. While they can give you an estimate of how many holes they may make, no one really knows until it’s done, kind of like a Mould removal job.  
Think you might have mould?


2 Types of Electrician Holes

Why doesn’t anyone know how many holes will be made? Simply put, there are 2 different types of holes made by electricians.  

  1. Fixture holeOne is a fixture hole. Whether you’re installing a light, an outlet or some kind of sensor, the electrician knows for sure he needs to make a hole in this location for said fixture.
  2. Fishing holeThe second type of hole is what some call a fishing hole. Nope there are no fish in your walls. But when an electrician needs to run wire through the home, he fishes it from one location to the next. Hence the term Fishing hole. Sometimes the electrician knows exactly how many fishing holes will need to be made. The guess work comes in when there is no way of knowing which way your floor joists are running.

Depending on your home, If they are running one way the electrician may be able to make a hole in one spot on the ceiling and run the wire all the way to where the device will be. In other cases, if the floor/ceiling joists are running perpendicular to the direction you wish to run the wire, your electrician may have to make a fishing hole every 16 inches so that he can also drill through each joist and run the wire.


Pictures of Fishing holes

Great. Now that the electrician is done and has installed all the devices, all that should be left are the fishing holes. Please take a close up and a more distanced picture, showing the room, of each hole. We will be asking you for these pictures as well as how many holes total.

The electrician's work may have also resulted in some cracks in the walls. Please let us know about theseWhether they're plaster cracks or Drywall cracks, as we can help.

Bank of montreal BMO has used patchboyz to repair drywall at their headquarters in toronto
patchboyz has helpsed great northern insulation with patching
patchboyz aided in the upfit to the bayshore location with drywall and mudding work
mr rooter has used patchboyz to repair drywall
Patchoyz has helped reliance home comfort with drywall repairs and asbestos removal
Stipple ceiling repair after electrician made 5 holes

PatchBoyz - Your best option

If you’re asking yourself what makes Patchboyz the best option for these types of repair, other than the fact that we have speedy communication and are able to quote our clients within a matter of hours of receiving the right information, we’ll give it to you straight.

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From the moment you contact us, we will get back to you same day. From the moment you send us all the details, we should be able to quote you within a day. From the moment you sign to the time we’re in your home, you’re waiting weeks. If you’ve talked to other contractors lately, they’re booking a year out and likely have no interest in smaller jobs. Us…. We live for these small jobs!

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Home vs Work site

Most Drywallers Ottawa don’t do a great job of cleaning up after themselves. We have a running joke that we leave most houses cleaner than we found them. We don’t typically work on construction sites. We are in people’s homes every day. ‘nuff said.

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Dust Extractors

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing drywall work, you understand that even once you wipe down all surface, the dust remains in the air for a long time and one can find themselves dusting 4+ times trying to get rid of it. Patchboyz technicians are equipped with HEPA-filter dust extractors to prevent this kind of thing.

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Safety & Notifications

On the day the work is scheduled, you will receive a text message when your technician hops in his van to let you know they’re on the way. This text message will also tell you a bit about the technician as well as a picture so you know who’s in your home at all times.

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Stipple Experts

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to working with us is that all our technicians are well seasoned in Popcorn ceiling repairs. Alternatively, if you were interested in Popcorn ceiling removal, we do that as well. And very well, we might add!

Additional Questions Answered

Who is responsible for patching the holes?

Easy answer – Look at your electrical quote. If it’s not included, it’s not implied. With all due respect to electricians, you don’t want them patching holes. Mudding is a whole other trade that takes years to master.


Who patches a wall after plumbing or electrical work?

Electrician rates are astronomical, as much as you want the holes to disappear, do you really want an electrician slowly patching your holes and doing a passable job at best? Or would you prefer to pay a little less and have a perfect finish?


My electrician made holes in my walls

Unfortunately eggs must be broken to make an omelet. This is no different. It isn’t typical for the electrician to fix the Drywall. We’re here to help. Let us tell you how it all works.


How to repair drywall after electrical work?

While YouTube has plethora of helpful videos, and we encourage you to give it a stab, we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients tried it and gave up. Unfortunately, a poorly attempted job that we have to clean up before doing properly is not cheaper, it’s a little more expensive.

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Before and After

Drywall and Plaster repairs in the Ottawa local area

Flat Drywall Repair - 9ft


This is a flat drywall ceiling repair done in a contemporary home with beautiful lighting


This is a flat drywall ceiling repair result in a contemporary home with beautiful lighting

Stipple Ceiling Repair & Match


This is a stipple ceiling repair done in a barrhaven home


Lathe & Plaster Repair - Westboro


This is a lathe and plaster repair before we executed the fix. We use fibafuse tape


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