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Drywall Franchise

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Can you Picture yourself Running your own PROFITABLE Drywall Franchise?

What Freedoms would this create for you and your family?

A Drywall Repair Franchise You Can Bank On!

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We're proud to have the most extensive training and ongoing coaching program in the business. Too many franchises emphasize "being in business for yourself, not by yourself" but then drop the ball when it comes to ongoing coaching and making sure that the franchisee reaches their goals. It takes years to perfect a profitable system. We give you everything you need to succeed and save you years of mistake making with your Drywall Repair Franchise. But more than that, we stay with you on your journey. Our training is 6 times longer than the competition. Once you graduate, we continue to reinforce what you've learned through Coaching calls and Masterminds.


Award Winning

Low Cost Investment

Low Competition

Masterminds & Coaching

Become the "Go-To" name for Drywall Repair in your city TODAY with

We'll do it together...

The Construction Industry - Your parents were wrong!


"The construction industry could stay stagnant for the next 20 years and you could still become a Millionaire from it."



For the last 40 years, parents have been urging their kids to get a degree; become a lawyer or a doctor. With so many people being led away from working with their hands for so long, the trades are in a man-power deficit.

Now take that same ideology and multiply it times 2 for the mudding and drywall industry.

It's is hard enough to find a drywaller or taper, now go find another drywall repair specialist. It's about as niche as a neuro-surgeon, but way more fun!

Speak to a REAL Person

Getting the Ball Rolling...

Is it time?

Are you ready to do your own thing and build the life you and your family deserve?

If you're ready to take the leap, you of course know that we would train you to become a top service provider. But you have a couple things in the back of your mind, don't you?

These may include things such as... What about bookkeeping? What about taxes? What about marketing?

If you're asking these questions, GOOD!

So many people think that business is mostly about the service or main activity you're providing to your clients.

In reality, however, a large part of running the business is doing that other stuff.

We help you stay efficient in all those other tasks so that they don't eat up your evenings. Whether you want to do them yourself or outsource, we will guide you in this. Remember that the less background work you're doing, the more selling and growing of the business you can focus on. 

If you want to work on the business, grab up several territories and have plenty of time to yourself, we'll help you with that.

Once you share your goals with us, we will help you package the business life you're seeking with the necessary work-life balance.

PatchTech Tool Pack

When you start your franchise you will, of course, receive you Tool Pack.

In this you will find an assortment of Milwaukee, Festool and Level 5 equipment that you can expect to last for years to come. These are what our techs use and the cross compatibility between the tools has been proven in the field. While some people prefer certain tool sets, the brands we bring to you are done so for reasons of Durability, compatibility and outstanding warranty compared to their competitors.

Strategic Alignment

While we always need a home depot around for certain things, you will find that our partnerships with tool and supply companies will help you get better service, better pricing and more reliable deliveries so that you can focus on growing your business and spending time with your family.

Not only this, but the friendships you will form with your local partner stores will come in handy. In times where you need something in a jam, a smaller store where everybody knows your name will go the extra mile to keep you happy. We've developed the relationships for you. All you need to do is capitalize on them.


Looking for an opportunity with very little competition? We have just the thing.
The Competition is Soooo LOW

How many moving companies are there in your city? How many grocery stores? How many convenience stores? TOO MANY!

These are all necessary businesses but there is so much competition that they're all fighting over clients.

On the other hand, how many drywall repair companies are there in your city?

Regular drywall companies are not equipped with the systems and management for repairs. They focus on the big jobs. And handymen? They are most focused on in-and-out repairs than messy drywall that requires special compounds and dustless equipment.

This leaves the market wide open for a Drywall Repair Franchise with proper dispatch software and marketing strategy that can dominate the niche.

Speak to a REAL Person

The Breakdown

How does it work?
1. Inquiry
2. Discovery Call
3. Applicant Interview
4. Orientation
5. Market Study
6. Ride Along
7. Documentation
  • Do I need drywalling experience?

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  • How much will I need to invest?

    Ah yes... the burning question.

    We have different packages available, and while we have some affordable and some slightly more expensive packages, we want to highlight the value of your hourly worth as you consider which package is right for you. Both from the perspective of getting things ready for business, such as buying a van and wrapping it or having us do all that for you, as well as when you're up and running. Do you want to be doing your online marketing in the evenings or do you want to have the freedom to dine with your family?

    We offer a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. As you evaluate your options, consider the initial setup: Do you have the liquidity to spend several weeks not working while look for a van to purchase and wait for it to be wrapped, or would it be more profitable to keep working, and leave that up to us? Furthermore, think about your day-to-day operations. Do you envision yourself managing online marketing in your free time, or would you rather reserve evenings for personal moments, perhaps dining with your family? It's essential to assess the true value of your time and choose a package that aligns with the life you're looking to build.

    These are just a couple of the trade-offs that come with the different packages.

    Our Franchise packages are fully compatible with US and Canadian Government loan programs as well as most Major banks' franchise Loan programs. So as you plan your new future out, consider a loan as a worthwhile investment in starting your business without sacrificing the priceless moments with your family.

    Your initial franchise fee consists of $35,000 and a total investment of $85,000 to $110,000 depending on the package.

  • What kind of support can I expect from head office?

    On top of the regular coaching sessions and our hotline for questions, we equip you with a world class dispatch platform and business blueprint that reminds you what you should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and occasional basis. It's all visible on one page. This makes it easy for you or your team to make sure no task is left unturned. You also have access to written scripts as well as video and recordings of both how to execute the repairs as well as how to sell and book your jobs.

    Regardless of where you are in your daily tasks, there's usually a PatchBoyz video you can refer back to in order to perfect that task. And if there isn't one, let us know and we can usually create it within 24 hrs.

    If all else fails, just give us a call and we can jog your memory as to what was said in your initial training.

    PatchBoyz prides itself in its slow initial training that allows plenty of time for note taking and questions. We understand that it's not about offloading the information to you, but rather that you internalize it so that you can comfortably execute it time after time.

    How much money can I expect to make?

    Oh - great question... important question too!

    We would love to give you "avergage sale amounts and monthly averages" but our Lawyers made us delete all that meat from this answer as things depend on two things. (1) the local market - which has to be studied. (2) the franchisee (you). (3) the package you choose.

    Different markets will bear different pricing as different cities have different levels of affluence and cost of living. So this has to be tested out by pricing jobs and seeing what the market will accept, while remaining fair to your customer.

    As for the franchisee, it depends on whether or not you complete the local marketing activities we assign to you that boost the online marketing efforts. This helps determine how many leads you get to take advantage of. From there, it depends on how approachable you are when you're "selling". Selling is just storytelling with the goal of building trust and rapport. The great thing about selling drywall repair is that, many times, the competition doesn't even respond, so guess who gets the job?

    As for the package, we have different opportunities for you to capitalize on. Some folks want to do all their own marketing and come from that background, while others want to take advantage of what is tried and true for us in this industry. This determines again how many leads and sales one ultimately will get.

    Once we get to chatting, we can talk about some real life examples from different cities so you have a better idea of the profitability of the industry.

    Drop us a line Today!

    Is this the best Low cost franchise opportunity?

    In terms of affordable franchises in the united states and Canada, this is definitely one of the winners. Why? Unlike food franchises or painting franchises which are both "nice to haves" and a luxury, most people will, at one point or another, need a hole fixed in their home and it is not as simple as they think without the right tools and techniques.

    Building envelope

    Drywall is a vital part of the building envelope. It is the last barrier in the multi-layered envelope that protects the inhabitants of the home from the outside elements and creatures. During the pandemic, we kept chugging along. People would have us come into their homes and repair the drywall. Not only could they not stand to look at these holes every day, but they were concerned that their children might stick their hands in and either touch plumbing or electrical fixtures within.

    Some clients were just plain scared that bugs or creatures would come out.

    Therefore, we know this to be a great affordable franchise because it is a NEED, rather than a nice to have, and there is LOW COMPETITION, because other drywall companies are focused on the big jobs.

    (Patchboyz doubled its income during the pandemic!)

    How do I proceed if I am interested?

    Great question!

    The best thing to do is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll contact you to book a discovery call and tell you all about the opportunity on a video meeting, or a phone call if that makes you more comfortable.

    There are no commitments at this early stage. Think of it like dating, you want to get to know us and we want to get to know you. From there, there are several dates to see if we're a good fit, before making any kind of commitment.

    Drop us a line... it's a good chance to test out our customer service skills. ;)

  • What U.S. Financing options are available to me?

    We're glad you see the potential in this opportunity!

    When applying for a loan, they will want to see a fully built Business Plan. With PatchBoyz, the "loan-optimized" Business Plan is part of the package. We've got your back.

    A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is supported by the United States Small Business Administration, which allows U.S. financial institutions to provide business loans with more favorable terms or more flexible underwriting criteria than conventional loans. These loans are backed by the U.S. Government, encouraging banks to lend to companies they might not be able to work with otherwise.

    Six Best U.S. Banks for SBA’s:

    • JP Morgan Chase: SBA-preferred lender and funds multiple types of SBA loans
    • Wells Fargo: one of the most active SBA loan lenders
    • Citibank: SBA preferred lender and issues SBA loans up to $5 million
    • U.S. Bank: good choice for SBA loans
    • PNC: preferred lender
    • Bank of America: preferred business loan lender but less active in issuing SBA’s
  • What Canadian Financing options are available to me?

    We're glad you see the potential in this opportunity!

    Meet "The Canada Small Business Financing Program"

    Also known as CSBFP or CSBFL, is a helping hand from major Canadian financial institutions. Here's the comforting bit: the Canadian government guarantees up to 85% of the loan. So, if your business hits a rough patch and struggles to repay, the government steps in to cover most of it.

    To be in the running, your business should have annual sales under $10 million - yes, even startups can jump in! You can borrow up to a cool $1 million, but remember, interest rates can shift. Think of it as a trusty support for buying equipment, acquiring vehicles, securing land or a building as well as leasehold improvements

    Best Canadian Banks for Franchise Loans:

    • TD
    • RBC
    • Scotiabank
    • CIBC

A Drywall Repair Franchise you can BANK on

Our Franchise Packages are built for Franchise Loan approvals with Major Banks. If you don't have the upfront initial investment, rest assured that that we've got your back yet again. We're always right beside you on this journey.

SBA7 Compatible - United States (and Canadian under certain terms)
CSBFP Compatible - Canada

US bank logo for a drywall franchise
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RBC Bank logo for Drywal Franchise package
Desjardins caisse populaire logo for drywall franchise financing

Speak to a REAL person!

Want More? Get in touch with us.

We like chatting, we like problem solving, but most of all we like providing value. If you want more info on the drywall patching franchise opportunity, we'd be happy to chat. You can call us or send us a message so we can book a more generous block of time for chatting about the opportunity.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

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