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Why we Started PatchBoyz

The Best Ottawa Drywall Repair Service Around.

By Jud Menshal | Jan 18 2024 | Entrepreneurship

Who Is The Dream Team Behind PatchBoyz

A picture of 2 drywallers flying to the right through the sky with drywall flying all around them.

We started out as 2 Brothers, One opportunity and a whole lot of unserviced customers. Now Jud and K have a whole team of PatchBoyz and PatchGirlz working along side them.

We're two brothers that somehow have both worked in the same trade for different people. While one moved his entrepreneurial spirits and marketing expertise into the transportation industry, the other kept a straight path in mudding. They then reunited to bring you PatchBoyz

Helping people with Small Drywall Repairs

Before and after of a skylight drywall repair above a staircase.

Being in the industry, we noticed that we were constantly turning down the small jobs in the hundreds for the big jobs in the thousands. And while that makes good business sense at face value, it leaves a whole slew of people dissatisfied and unserviced when they can't get a quality drywall repair company to service their small job and have to turn to a handyman, jack of all trades, master of none, who leaves them with a less than desirable end result.

We thought "why do people have to suffer? why can't everybody benefit from the situation?". Yes, the end result of business is money, but business is about people. It's about people helping people, by providing services and providing employment. So we devised a plan that made sense, so that the little jobs didn't get left behind.

We found that while, there's a lot more running around and coordination involved in doing lots of smaller jobs, we are able to generate more smiles and eliminate the stress from a lot of situations.

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"My Movers Damaged the Drywall"

We're often called in after residential and commercial moves in the Ottawa and surrounding areas to patch holes made by movers, some intentional and some not. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to make holes in walls to fit certain pieces of furniture. Other times, movers are over-worked or simply make a mistake as in any other field of work. When this happens, however, a lot of people are stressed seeing as it's either their new house, or the house is about to change hands to a new owner later that day.

Selling your Home with Drywall Damage

This is a picture of drywall that has water damage and it has been colored over in blue to highlight it.

This being the case, we work with many realtors and are able to provide emergency service to put all parties in the real estate transaction at ease. Damaged drywall, is not a big deal for us, the way it is for many homeowners. We are able to go in calmly, assess the situation and remedy it within a few hours using mud compounds with hardening additives. From there, we can sand and paint the wall, even matching the new paint to the existing, if the previous home-owner hasn't left an open can under the stairs.

It isn't uncommon to receive calls from homeowners, who have given it their best shot, but their ambition and standards don't quite meet down the middle. We're happy to work with these Drywall Repair DIYers and show them how we do it so that next time they can give it another shot with confidence.

We found that the majority of the time, we're able to bring the wall back to its original state and are the "heroes" of the day for doing a small job and putting our clients at ease. So while we may not make as money as those big jobs, we are able to leave multiple clients houses every day, knowing we've helped them in a big way by repairing the drywall or lath and plaster.

Some real estate agents, helping their customers get top dollar for their home, recommend their clients come see us to help them remove the popcorn ceilings on the main level, prior to selling. Other times, they just need a stipple ceiling repair. If you're looking to remove the stipple on your ceilings, please see our Ottawa Stipple removal page.

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"The Plumber Left A Hole In My Wall"

This is a before and after show of a hole left in the drywall by a plumber that patchboyz repaired and paint matched.

This is just one example. Of course you have all kinds of other trades such as plumbers and electricians making holes in walls on a daily basis. And while they may be great at their jobs, they aren't Mudders, dry-wallers, plasterers. Besides, even if they could do it, it's not the best use of their time. They have undergone schooling for a technical trade to be able to provide a certain type of expertise. While mudding does have a certain technical side and science behind mud and ad-mixtures, it is much more if an artistic trade, the same way painting is. It is for this very reason that plumbers and electricians in Ottawa call us or send their clients to us. So that they can provide their service to the client and then have us complete the job for them as a quality extension of their brand; a company they know they don't have to worry about when sending clients.

Drywall Contractor For Small Jobs In Ottawa

General contractors in Ottawa have a very tough job. One of the hardest. To coordinate many different trades, all with their own sets of problems, delays, set, backs, extras and staffing problems. When an Ottawa General Contractor has a small hole that needs fixing, it's almost impossible to get their drywall contractor to go to a site for a small hole, it's like pulling teeth. Ottawa general contractors find it's easy to call PatchBoyz to quickly remedy the situation as we don't complain about a small job size, we specialize in it. We go in and make that GC look good within 24 hours. For contractors big enough to always need drywall repair, we offer a Drywall Certification Training Course.

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Who To Call After A Roof Leak In Ottawa

This is a kitchen ceiling with water and ice hanging from it due to a roof leak.

Have you had a roof leak and resulting water damage?


Click here for an Ottawa Water Damage Restoration quote. It's quick and easy


Roofers often have unfortunate scenarios due to the very nature of the thing they are renovating, the roof. It's not uncommon for a surprise rain to show up and create a couple leaks into the customer's home. The roofer is often-times responsible for this damage. Now a general contractor has relationships with drywall contractors as it often gives them nice big jobs. An Ottawa roofer however, has a much harder time sending an Ottawa wall repair company to one of its sites as it never gives them any big work. Roofers find themselves between a rock and a hard-spot in these situations. We were happy to learn that we could be of service to Ottawa roofers and quickly remedy these situations in order to prevent the client from withholding pay to the roofing contractor until damages were fixed. Payment for roofers is especially important as they need to pay their roofers well and on time. Otherwise, the transient nature of the roofing industry will quickly strip that roofing contractor of its staff.

Whatever the case may be, we're happy to serve our customer and our partners to help them get results as quickly as possible. It's for that reason that we've developed a very structured system for quickly assessing jobs and executing on them. We use strict protocols for our customer relationship management tools and schedule, to make sure we're always at the right place at the right time for the right price.


If you're picking up what we're putting down and would like to develop a relationship with us, we'd be more than happy to work alongside you and become a quality extension of your brand.

Article By

Jud Menshal | 📚

Jud is a 14 year Asbestos Removal Type 3 & Supervisor certified remediation technician with additional experience and certifications in Mold, Lead and Finishing. He holds all mandatory safety credentials important for running a safe project site.

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