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Drywall Course

Drywall Certification training near you

Whether you're a General Contractor, Painting Contractor or Drywall and Taping contractor, you need to have at least one person on staff that knows how to patch. Maybe you're looking for a job but no one wants to give you the experience that you need to break into the industry... PatchBoyz can help!

7 Day Drywall Certification Training $1250 + HST

General Contractors

How many times have you completed a project only to realize or been called back by the client for drywall repairs?

Whether it be nicks and dings in the wall from clean up or re-opening of a wall to adjust electrical or plumbing, it's your reputation.

If you subbed out the drywall portion of the work, it is unlikely that your sub was able to come repair it in a timely manner... if at all. Having a trained professional on staff will help you remain in good standing with your client. This is why we created the drywall training course.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity and see how others have benefited and streamlined their jobs and project wrap-ups. Send us a message today!

I'm a GC and have a question

Painting Contractors

You usually have a drywall guy on staff. But what if he is absolutely needed on two jobs at the same exact time? It is recommended having one trained drywall guy per painting crew. The types of repairs a painter needs to do are usually not complicated - something that requires intermediate skill. This can be taught in 7 days with our 2 day theoretical and video course and 5 days in the field with us. Inquire about Drywall Classes with us.

I'm a Paint contractor and have a question

Drywall and Taping Contractors

We both know how fast an experienced crew of drywallers or tapers fly around a job-site. Despite the fact that drywall and taping are more of an acquired art-form than most other trades, it somehow pays less. This means we have to move extremely fast.

Does it make sense to slow your team down and lower your profit just to train a new guy?

Enable your "new hires" to be professionally trained for profit from the beginning. We'll train him up and send him back to you a new man (or woman). This person will have acquired the skills to add backing, measure and cut drywall and install a piece of drywall without breaking the paper. Then, they will learn how to tape and do their 3 coats. They will learn how to sand (not over-sand) and even how to prime. This person will be sent back to you, knowing how to do all these things from our Taper Course.

The only thing you will have the give them is the opportunity to practice what they learned and executed during their time with us

Course Composition

Step 1 - Theory >
  • 2 days (3 hrs a day)
  • Online
  • Video and written material
  • 4 Quizzes for retention
Step 2 - Ride Along >
  • 1.5 days
  • In Person
  • Practical learning
  • Drywall installation
  • Mudding & taping
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Tool & Safety
  • Finishing blade training
Step 3 - Practice >
  • 3.5 days
  • In Person
  • Does the work (supervised)
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Corrections where needed.
  • EOD report by trainer
  • This is also in ride-along format
Step 4 - Exam
  • 1 hr
  • Multiple choice
  • Solve the Pictured damage
  • Graded and sent to supervisor
  • Video report on correct answers with reason why.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • For individuals: email blast to network of potential employers with your experience and resume.

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