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Free Consultation

Call us and we'll set you up for success with a Free Consultation and quote for house painting and patching if you need it. Our service is fast and friendly. We'll prove it! :)

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Can't get away from the office? No Problem,. Our Ottawa Painters can communicate by video conference to show you our progress and make sure you're happy every step of the way.

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Why Pick PatchBoyz?

We pride ourselves on being a high-end Professional Painting employer. With some of the highest wages in the industry, we attract and retain top talent. You can trust our family with your home.

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Part of what makes us Ottawa's best local painting company is that we have painters that speak French, English or Spanish.

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Our Quality

Unlike some house painters that promise to paint your house in one day by having one talented painter and the rest just roll with questionable skill, all our painters are fantastic at what they do!

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Ottawa Commercial Painting

Have a large Ottawa Commercial Painting project you want handled by a certain deadline? If you want quality and reliability, Pick PatchBoyz's Professional Painters. We only make promises we can keep!

Bank of montreal BMO has used patchboyz to repair drywall at their headquarters in toronto
patchboyz has helpsed great northern insulation with patching
patchboyz aided in the upfit to the bayshore location with drywall and mudding work
mr rooter has used patchboyz to repair drywall
Patchoyz has helped reliance home comfort with drywall repairs and asbestos removal

Our Work

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The Residential Professional Painter Process

After a free evaluation of the project, where we also make sure our family and your family work well together, this is the execution plan for interior home painting & patching.


The process for house painting:

1. Setup & protection of your home and possessions

2. Repair pre-discussed patches

3. Fix quoted ceiling cracks

4. Apply 2 (sometimes 3) coats of interior paint

5. Post-work inspection & client walk-through


Leaving us in your home

The thought of leaving strangers in your home can be a scary. While the trades and construction in general attracts people from many different walks of life, PatchBoyz is proud of the fact that it attracts top talent through its organized and fun approach to management and some of the highest wages in the industry. You can be sure that our team can be left in your home and will conduct themselves in a professional manner without the need for supervision.


Give us a call. Our family is here to serve yours.

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About PatchBoyz Ottawa Painters

PatchBoyz Ottawa Painting is a Painting company in Ottawa. It is a division of PatchBoyz Drywall Repairs. Mudding, sanding, priming and painting is all one trade which is called "Finishing". This is all we do, but we do it very well.

As a team led by two brothers with the help of 2 office staff, communication on the team and with clients is streamlined and enhanced through the efficient use of technology. We're in constant contact with you to make sure you're getting the service you deserve. Plus, we state our Painting costs upfront so you can budget properly and manage the rest of your project without surprises.

Unfortunately, in construction, as with other industries, there are ottawa painting companies with subpar procedures or surprise fees you only learn about after it's too late. Rest assured that our word is our bond and the price is final.

Work with us and see why people say what they do! You won't be disappointed.

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Quick look at our happy clients


Our customers say it best

and we love them for it.

"Jud called to let us know he would be exactly 2 minutes late. I thought this to be quite funny. I am not given to handing out references, but both I and the friends whom I was accompanied by were impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout... I have no hesitation in giving you this letter of endorsement."

— Rita C

"Whilst initially hesitant to have someone in my home while I wasn't there, the level of preparation I witness these ladies put into play gave me all the confidence I needed to leave the home and prepare my cheque-book for the end of the project. If you need a painting company in ottawa, these are the folks. Thank you Patchboyz and Girls”

— Gary A

"Highly recommended. Professional team with an eye for details. Super clean, super courteous. Gave us smooth ceilings around our home, even our skylight, and it makes a world of difference. Thanks Patchboyz!”

— Jimmy and Martine M

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We're proudly Servicing all of Ottawa and the Valley including:

Ottawa, Nepean, Bells corners, Gloucester, Orleans, Navan, Rockland, Clarence creek, Limoges, Casselman, Kanata, Stittsville, Greely, Kemptville, Barrhaven, Morrisburg and more.

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Why Patchboyz?

90% of the surface of a home is easy to paint. But when you get the the corners and angles is where the challenge begins. Rolling is easy, but the cuts are where a professional shines and leaves a dated home looking like new.


Whether this is a new home or a memory filled one, we will transform it with the colours of your choice and communication so streamlined you'd think we were family.  We're experts in finishing and we complete projects in a timely fashion so that you can get back to what matters most. ;)

O Ethical

O Fully Equipped

O Trilingual - French, English & Spanish

Ottawa Painting Costs

While ceiling painting with a medallion

While at a glance, painting may seem like a simple task, it can be daunting and very time consuming if you're not used to the repetitive motions and constantly staring in awkward positions. In Canada, labour is the most expensive portion of a project by far.

That being said, the pandemic has given rise to the cost of painting product. Those price hikes start directly at the mine where some of the paint components are sourced. Everything from the gas for the machinery and transportation of said minerals as well as the labour has gone up. This in turn has made all aspects of paint and painters a little more expensive.

O Room Painting     O Door Painting

O Trim Painting       O Ceiling Painting

What Goes Into the Cost of Painting a Home in Ottawa?

First let's examine what we're talking about here. We're talking about laying our floor protection throughout the entire area. Doing this room by room would be extremely expensive. So all the furniture must be placed in the middle of the room for ease of execution as well as to eliminate trip hazards. You have to remember that the crews are looking up the whole time they are painting the ceiling, not down.


Then, all cuts must be done to all angles (where a wall meets a ceiling) and corners, where two wall meet, as well as at the baseboards and window / door trim are.


Common question: Do you minus the windows and doors from the board-footage of the walls? While that is a valid question, the answer is no. The reason for this is not actually not to reduce the time estimating, as you may have thought. If that door or window weren't there, the area could be rolled over in a matter of 15 seconds. Instead, a painter must take several minutes to cut the area around the window with precision and then roll around the window. Labour being the most expensive component of a painting project, these areas are actually more expensive than if it were just straight wall, so these areas are not discounted. And while we don't do this, some contractors charge more for cutting around these areas. This is built into our general price. This paragraph is not to be confused with painting of the actual window trim or casing itself.


The next step is to paint all the trim, including the doors and window trim as well as the frames as well if they've been included in your quote. You'll find that some painters will do the trim first so that they don't have to cut the trim and the wall paint will go over. This, also, is a generally accepted practice.


The Average Cost of House Painting with Patchboyz vs Other Companies

We have done small painting projects for $400 and we've done large painting projects in the six figures.


Painting is one of those trades with a low barrier to entry. What does this mean? This means that anyone with a ladder and paint brushes can come into your home claiming to be an Ottawa Painting Company, and granted, most of them are. It is entirely possible to find a one-man show that is an amazing painter, has no overhead and passes those savings onto you!


What is the catch with cheap painters, you ask?

A lot of Ottawa Painting Companies have the habit of cutting corners. Because the barriers to entry for this industry are quite low, you have a lot of people in the industry with low business experience. Along with low business experience comes not knowing one's break-even costs and knowing one's worth. This means that many small shops acquiesce when asked for a discount on an already rock bottom price. These folks can go on for years not making money and just scraping by, frustrated with their "business" and wondering what they're doing wrong.


These one woman/man shows, while they may be affordable, may also come with inherent risks. When someone does not stand behind a brand, they have nothing to lose, there will always be work for a cheap painter and they know it. So what happens? These people may not show up for work, they may do a lousy job if they had a good night, they may cut corners if they feel like it or, worst case scenario, they may take something from your home.

While these things (other than the last one) may not be so bad, some of the consequences we've observed are:

  • You took time off work for nothing.
  • You may have to repaint if they don't do a good job (costing you double).
  • You will likely have to wait a while in order to book a reputable painter.
  • You may delay the other phases of your project
  • You will likely have to live in your haphazardly painted home for a while until you get someone else in.


In contrast, the team at PatchBoyz has worked very hard to create a brand name that everyday people can trust and count on to meet their needs. This cannot be done by letting people down and disappointing people. We make promises, stand by them and that is the reason we've become recognized by local Home builders and and General contractors as the reliable option for Finishing.

So back to the question at hand, which was cost comparison. You will find companies cheaper than us and companies more expensive than us. But, there likely aren't many companies more organized and with better communication than us. We've invested heavily into dispatch software to keep in touch with you and notify you when we're on our way to your home and remind you of the important aspects of the job. The office staff and field staff all have access to the same information so that nothing is lost along the way. This is evident to our clients when the field staff is on-site and already has all the relevant information.

In addition, if you searched for "Painters near me" and landed on us, this means that our day won't be spent taxiing around the city trying to get you your home. The day can be spent on transforming your home.


If you'd like to know a little more about what it might cost to have us paint your home, reach out to us. We'd be happy to give you a Free Estimate and see if our two families would work well together.

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Our Other Services

We're not just a Stipple Removal Company

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Patching & Painting

It's much more affordable to have plaster crack repairs done while we're doing stipple removal as we're already setup to serve you. We're the Ottawa Drywallers that show up.

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Stipple/Popcorn Ceiling Repair

While we are experts at removing popcorn ceiling, we also can repair it too. Stipple ceiling repair is quicker than full removal, and we can take care of it in a jiffy.

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Asbestos Removal

Are you planning a renovation but first need to take care of an asbestos containing product in your home? We will handle the extraction, front to back. No need to worry.

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Need it Painted? We're Your Painting Sidekick!

We're all about the finished product and the look on your face when you see it! Have a project you'd like to discuss with us? We'd be happy to chat with you about how it all goes down. Chat soon. :)

Or message us, below :)

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