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About Us

We started Patchboyz because we saw what was out there and weren't comfortable recommending them to our own mother!



Patchboyz is a family owned business started by 2 brothers. Both having worked in the drywall and taping trade for a number of years.What?

Patchboyz is committed to providing the best service in the country when it comes to drywall repair. Some drywall contractors do repairs as a side business, when they have time. We do it as our main business all the time. Because we do this every day. We've gotten quite good at understanding where miscommunications may happen or where clients used to seek clarification. Our estimates are detailed and leave nothing to be assumed. Between our carefully crafted packages and terms and conditions, you should be able to easily navigate your way through our quotes and accept the one that suits you best.Our estimates are signed by a quick e-signature to save you time and paper.



We do regular flat drywall repairs, stipple or popcorn ceiling repairs, Lathe and plaster repairs and more. A lot of our repairs tend to be after a leak has happened or a plumber / electrician has come through, leaving holes left and right.



Why did we decide to start patchboyz? After all, it would be much easier to just take big jobs that last several weeks at a time, wouldn't it? You're absolutely right, that was easier.


But, we made a discovery!


We came to understand, that these smaller jobs, while less profitable and shorter in duration, were no less important and often times a larger inconvenience than a full basement project. We came to understand that people with these types of repair needs were not getting the service they deserved. These people were forced to hire a handyman that claimed to know how to mud.

After a bit more research and horror stories, we were not impressed! We saw first-hand that the reliability and craftsmanship of professionals showing up (or not) was atrocious.

We sat on the idea for months. But then, after such an experience hit close to home, we decided to take action. PatchBoyz was formed and we steadily rose to become the "go-to" name for Drywall Repair.


We look forward to helping you solve your drywall problems with ease and speed.

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We like chatting, we like problem solving, but most of all we like providing value. If we're not the right solution, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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