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Asbestos Disposal Service

Looking for Asbestos Waste Disposal Near you? We can help

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If you have asbestos waste to dispose of and are having a hard time getting rid of it, we can help!

Having a hard time getting rid of Asbestos - we can help!

You don't want to be dumping asbestos with the regular garbage. That is not considerate to the workers that will be handling that hazardous waste.


Asbestos Waste Disposal Near Me

There are 2 dumps in Ottawa that accept Asbestos. Unfortunately they will not let an unlicensed and unmarked asbestos vehicle into the dump. Not to mention, getting to the pit they will be creating for you definitely requires a capable vehicle. Not a problem, however. We can help. We are the "asbestos waste removal near you".

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So you decided to do your own Asbestos Removal... But now you're having a hard time with the asbestos disposal. As you may have found, searching asbestos disposal near me requires you to have all kinds of licenses to go to the dump. Not to mention an early appointment, a government approved vehicle and PPE.

Maybe looking for Asbestos Abatement? - Click Here

Asbestos Waste Origin

Please be prepared with the information on where the asbestos came from. We will help you with the rest.


Asbestos Collection

We will walk you through the process for having your asbestos collected in a safe and legal manner so that you can get that asbestos off you property and away from those you love.


Asbestos Dump near me

We service all of Ottawa and the valley. If something is a little further our we will help you account for the distance. Asbestos installation knew no geographic boundaries.


Asbestos Disposal Cost

The cost of asbestos disposal is based off of several things. The primary is they weight. You then have considerations for transportation and labour as well as making sure it is properly contained as per government appointed guidelines. These 3 factors will all affect the price.

Asbestos tile disposal would be more expensive than asbestos drywall disposal. As you can imagine, tile is heavier than drywall, when speaking volume. If you would like asbestos board removal, this would fall under our asbestos removal section.


Asbestos removal and disposal

If you're looking for Asbestos Removal, please visit this page for more information and to get a quote. We can help


Transporting Asbestos

While it is legal to do you own asbestos removal, it is risky. Very risky. The savings are not worth your health or those of your loved ones. Not to mention, transportation. There are government regulations for transporting hazardous waste in Canada. Don't risk it. Give us a call. We'll take care of your ACM Disposal. ACM stands for Asbestos Containing Material.

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