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Edited July 27 2021

For the longest time we weren’t servicing Mississauga in our territories. People kept calling needing their drywall repaired or in many cases, Mississauga being longstanding, lathe and plaster repaired.


We were consistently turning clients down as we did not have a technician in that area yet and driving through Toronto traffic multiple times to complete the patch would result in a price that was unfair to our customer and would put a lot of mileage on our vehicles.

Alas! This has changed. We have technicians in the area now and can repair anything as it relates to drywall.

PatchBoyz Can Fix

  1. Fissure crack in lathe and plaster
  2. A pop out in the plaster. This is quite common in Mississauga for some reason
  3. Regular drywall repair or hole patching
  4. Remove and replace partial ceiling after water damage
  5. Patch up the drywall after a plumber has had to cut in
  6. Repair drywall in the wall or ceiling after electricians make access holes
  7. Repair lathe and plaster from old junction boxes being taken out
  8. Repair drywall around light switch or plug after poor drywall work.
  9. Fix and Match popcorn ceilings in Mississauga area
  10. Repair stipple ceiling after a leak


The list goes on. We’re helping clients with these issues on a daily basis and would be happy to guide you through the process of how we repair these scenarios in such little time. We usually complete all our work in 2 visits. Sometimes it is possible to repair it in 1 visit if it is small. Even sometimes a bigger repair can be fixed in a day but you risk pushing the limits and trying to rush work.

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When we talk about rushing the work, we’re really referring to rushing the drying process as that is the most time consuming part of the project. Sometimes people will try to move to the next step without the mud being completely dry. It may look fine at the time but then things start to happen. Things start bubbling or peeling or coats of mud are skipped or things are sanded strangely. We prefer to do things right even if it means two visits. Now that we have a technician serving Mississauga and surrounding areas, this isn’t a big deal.


If you have any questions or any issues such as a bathroom showing moisture or peeling paint, it is best to have us address it right away before mould and mildew start to form. Once that process starts, you need to bring in a remediation team before we can take care of the drywall.


In Ottawa we do have specialists dealing with Mould and asbestos, but at the time or writing, we do not have any licensed techs dealing with such hazardous materials. We can certainly recommend the right people for the job. Once they’re done we’re happy to come in and solve the issue for you.


For all your Mississauga Drywall and Plaster repair needs, don’t hesitate to call us to speak to a real person and see how we can help you and get you a quote SAME DAY!

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