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...Our workmanship is never noticed 😉

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9 Common Drywall Questions

Mississauga Drywall Contractor estimates, clean-ups and pricing

By Jud Menshal | Dec 15 2023 | Mississauga Drywall Repair

We frequently receive all kinds of questions from how long it will take to receive a quote to how the repair is executed. While some questions are unique to the job, others are easily answered. In this article we will answer our most frequently asked questions for drywall repairs in Mississauga.  

When Will I Receive My Estimate?

Typically 24 hours or less. Depending on how quick you send us your pictures.

The number one question we get is "When will I receive my quote?". This question is understandably the most common and for good reason. The turnaround time to receive a quote for drywall repairs in Mississauga can be lengthy and frustrating. Not to mention, most large drywall companies will refuse smaller repairs because they will make little to no money from them. Here at Patchboyz we strive to provide you with prompt responses and estimates. Our efficient process starts with a phone call or email requesting service. Our administrator will ask questions upfront about the job to get a good idea/understanding on what the client is requesting. Once all the information is obtained, we ask the client to take photos of the repairs from a few good angles for us to really get a good look. From there, we analyze and assess the job to give you the best estimate possible. This process can easily take less than 24 hours if the client does their part and produces their photos in a timely manner. If all information is given and photos accurately display the job, then our estimates will arrive in your email inbox within a few hours of your inquiry.

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What Information Is Needed For An Accurate Estimate?

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Year of the build
  • Picture (1 close & 1 far)

We start with some basic questions over the phone such as full name, phone number, email address, home address and the year the home was built. These questions are required for our quoting system to move forward. We will then gather as much information as you can give us about your project. Some questions can include, how the damage occurred, when the damage occurred and how high the ceilings are (If repair is on a ceiling) Whether the ceilings are lathe and plaster or drywall. Also, important to note is that in Mississauga and other places in Ontario, 5/8” drywall is used on party walls separating different units. We will also ask if you have a specific color on your walls that will require a paint match. We do offer paint matching at an additional cost, and it is best to know upfront to avoid any surprises once you receive the invoice. (We will always make sure prices are discussed before applying it to your invoice).

How Long Will The Job Take From Start To Finish?

This is an image of a hand holding up a small white analog alarm clock

Typically it will take less than 2 half days. This question is dependent on each job but for most of our work we will schedule 2 half days for your technician. On the first visit, your technician will start by prepping the area to contain any mess. They will then proceed with the first part of the repair which consists of them installing backing, hanging drywall, taping then applying 3 coats of mud. The technician will then clean their tools and vacuum the area before they depart. Your second visit will be for sanding, priming and painting. Larger jobs can require a third visit depending on how many repairs are needed.

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Can I Save Some Money?

We get it. Everybody has a budget. You may not have been planning on a drywall or plaster repair be it flat or a stipple ceiling. Our packages include painting but if you enjoy or don't mind painting yourself, we can exclude the painting from your job and adjust the price accordingly.

Will I Be Able To See The Repair?

Before and after of a drywall repair @ the end of a kitchen island.

Short answer, no! Our Patchboyz are VERY good at what they do. We train all our technicians in house and provide them with all the essential training techniques needed to get the job done properly. Our process is built around making sure the repair is never spotted after the work is complete that way you get a seamless finish every time. The one caveat to this is popcorn ceiling repairs in Mississauga and all other cities in Toronto. We consider ourselves to be the best at matching these. We can only promise an 85% to 95% match, however.

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Dustless Drywall Repairs

Will I be left with a mess?At the beginning of each job, your technician will set up the area with a drop sheet to contain any mess to one area. Each PatchBoyz tech is equipped with an orbital sander which is directly attached to a dust extractor fitted with a HEPA filter. This minimizes 99.97% of the dust that is usually associated with sanding. You will not have to clean the surfaces of your home 4 times or book a duct cleaning afterwards.

Methods Of Payment

How do I pay?"

For drywall repairs in Mississauga, we ask that each client pay upon completion through e-transfer. This is the easiest way for us to receive and keep track of payments. If you would like to pay by credit card, we would be happy to take your card information over the phone, but we do charge a credit card convenience fee. All this information is given to you when you receive your estimate.

COVID Protocols/Precautions

This is a graphic of a round red virus on a white background

Patchboyz follows all COVID protocols and precautions when entering your home. Your technician will always wear a mask while working and sanitize their hands when needed. We clean all equipment on site at the end of each visit, so you don't have to worry about cross contamination from job to job. We ask that clients also wear a mask if coming into close contact with our technicians.

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What Services Do You Offer?

Mississauga Drywall and plaster repairs including:

  • Lathe and plaster repair

  • Stipple ceiling repair

  • Popcorn ceiling repair (slightly different than stipple)

  • Post-water damage repair

  • Repair after electrician makes holes for a require or pot light install

  • Drywall repairs around light switch

  • Post tenant Move out drywall touch up and drywall patching

  • Small painting

  • Post construction touch up patching

Article By

Jud Menshal | 📚

Jud is a 14 year Asbestos Removal Type 3 & Supervisor certified remediation technician with additional experience and certifications in Mold, Lead and Finishing. He holds all mandatory safety credentials important for running a safe project site.

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