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Drywall Repair Costs in Toronto

How Much Should I Pay For Drywall Repairs?

By Jud Menshal | Jan 20 2024 | Drywall Repair

How Much Does a Drywall Repair Cost?

A drywall repair in Toronto or the GTA should cost you between $350 and $700 + tax. This is a very high-level statement and depends on whether you have a couple nicks or a a plumber left you with 4 large holes or worse. Also, If you're in the downtown core, a technician has to find and pay for parking and spend time bringing all the equipment to the building and into the condo / apartment. If you're wondering how much your repair might cost, send us a message, and we'd be happy to email you a quick quote.

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What Happens If I Don't Remove And Repair Water Damaged Drywall?

Mold can easily form causing thousands of dollars in additional damage and rebuild.

This is a picture of mold growing on water damaged drywall in Toronto.

When drywall is damaged due to water or moisture related to humidity, this can cause serious issues. Even if it's just a faulty bathroom fan or lack thereof. Depending on whether the leak was black water, grey water or clean water as well as what bacteria are already in your wall and ceiling cavities will determine the likelihood that mold develops. If you have insulation in that cavity, the chances increase significantly, as most insulation does not dry.

These are all serious issues, and a very good reason to repair the drywall right away if you notice damage or imperfections.

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Here are a few ways the drywall can be damaged or have imperfections, and how it can be fixed by a professional.

Holes & Dents

Before and after of a drywall repair due to an electrician coring holes in the drywall.

β—‹ Holes in drywall are common can be caused by plumbers, electricians or HVAC trades among others. They can also be caused accidentally by hitting the wall while moving furniture, kids roughhousing, or a door handle could puncture or dent it as well.

β—‹ If the hole is small, it can be repaired by a professional by filling it with a compound and then sanding it down to make it flush with the rest of the wall. If the hole in the drywall is big, then a piece of drywall will be fitted in the hole, and when finished it will be flush with the wall.

Peeling Paint or Paint Cracks

Before and after of peeling paint on a bulkhead in front of a window with beige and white curtains - Repaired.

β—‹ If the paint is cracked or peeling between joints of trim, along the baseboard, around windows, etc then the drywall needs to be repaired. This isn't a huge issue that cannot be fixed. It's relatively quick and easy to fix.

β—‹ In order to repair the paint cracks or peeling, a drywall compound is applied, and then a primer paint, and lastly a final coat of paint.

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Paint Bubbles and Nail Pops

β—‹ These are common imperfections in the drywall that can be caused by several things. Moisture, heat, or a combination of both can cause bubbles in the paint. Another thing that can cause bubbles in the paint are nails that have popped. This is caused by the shrinking and expansion of the wood. This can cause the nails to pop out of the drywall joints or studs.

β—‹ Instead of replacing the drywall, most of these can be fixed by simply applying some plaster and sanding until it is flush with the wall.

Water Stains

β—‹ When the drywall (especially stipple) has been water-stained, it has been compromised beyond repair. Painting over these water stains will not fix the issue, only put a bandaid on it. Water damage can cause the drywall to crack, peel, or grow toxic mold, and these are all serious issues.

β—‹ Water stain damage on drywall will require a drywall handyman or company as it is important to have a professional do these repairs to ensure everything is fixed properly and there are no signs that there might be future damage or any lingering mold. They will repair the drywall by replacing it, and then priming and painting the wall.

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The Drywall Repair Process

  1. Cut out the wetted area (water damage)

  2. Installing backing

  3. Install new drywall

  4. Apply tape at the seams

  5. Apply 3 coats of mud (drywall compound)

  6. Sand

  7. Prime

  8. Prime-check & Touch ups

  9. Paint X2

The process used to repair the drywall depends upon the type of damage done. Holes and dents are usually filled with a drywall compound and then sanded over and painted. This usually takes up to two 4-hour visits, as the drywall compound has to fully dry before primer and paint can be applied.

How Visible Will The Drywall Repair Be?

This is a before and after picture of a large drywall repair in a kitchen ceiling in Toronto. Electricians cut a large channel into the flat ceiling and patchboyz repaired it.

When drywall repairs are finished, it should be near impossible to notice the repair. This is what Patchboyz strives for. We cover all drywall repairs, even the small ones. Many companies will push off the smaller repairs, which leaves the customer upset, and further creates more problems for the homeowner. We promise to give as much attention to small repairs as we do to large repairs.


All our employees are knowledgeable and well trained in drywall repair. They provide excellent service with a smile. Every customer and the integrity of their home is important to us, so we offer an upfront repair cost without added fees and miscellaneous charges. What you are quoted upfront will be the final cost of the repair.


Contact us for all your drywall repair needs in Toronto.

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Article By

Jud Menshal | πŸ“š

Jud is a 14 year Asbestos Removal Type 3 & Supervisor certified remediation technician with additional experience and certifications in Mold, Lead and Finishing. He holds all mandatory safety credentials important for running a safe project site.

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