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Written February 15 2022

Are you looking for the best drywall repair contractor in Toronto? Or perhaps you’ve had some water damage to your home in Mississauga and need someone to fix the plaster in your home.


Below you’ll find a list of the top 3 drywall contractors in the area.

Picture of drywall repair and paint on a bulkhead after water damage from floor above.

PatchBoyz Drywall Repair - Winner!

If you’re looking to have your drywall or lathe and plaster repaired and you want it done quickly, we highly recommend a call. Being PatchBoyz, this is our specialty. Because we don’t do full homes, we’re available much sooner than other companies. We specialize in patching and painting.


Mr. Drywall

If you’re looking for fast drywallers to drywall your full house or basement, we recommend this company. Ali will take inventory of what needs done and provide a reasonable quote for the work. This company doesn’t really do repairs. Their focus is larger projects such as new builds and they are fully insured and bonded for such work. They have quite the portfolio of mosques, churches and even schools. If you’re looking for a large drywall project to get done and done properly, we recommend them.


Armamex Contracting

This company is multifaceted and a great option if you’re looking to have multiple things done. Being a general contractor, they can do drywall as well as framing, tile, carpeting, kitchens and anything else you might need. Sometimes a project has many different components and you’re better off hiring a General contractor such as this one. They’ll take care of managing all the different trades and challenges that may arise.


The right Contractor for the Job

It’s important to not only find the right contractor for the job, but also the right type of contractor for a job. If your project is just a drywall repair, you would be paying a premium to have a general contractor take care of it.

This is a drywall repair on a skylight in etobicoke.

You’re better off just finding a drywall company, right?

Even more specific than that, you’re better off using a “Drywall Repair Contractor” that’s near you. A regular drywall contractor may book you for a Friday if they get around to it. But if something comes up, which it often does, you get left by the wayside. It’s a much better use of your time and resources to find a contractor that specializes in repairs in drywall and lathe and plaster so that you’re the focal point, rather than a side gig.


We serve clients all across the GTA and help clients get back to normal within a few days. We’ve helped banks in Downtown Toronto, We’ve helped home-owners in Etobicoke, We’ve repaired popcorn ceilings in Mississauga mansions and fixed drywall in York condominiums. We’ve repaired water damage in Scarborough and fixed falling plaster in Markham and Vaughan.


If you’re finding yourself scratching your head as to what kind of contractor you need for your job, feel free to reach out to us. If we’re the right people for the job, we’ll gladly take it on. If not, we’ll point you in the right direction with a reputable contractor you can depend on.



If you’re looking for the best drywall repair contractor Near you in Toronto and the GTA, there’s no question. It’s definitely PatchBoyz Toronto Drywall Repair

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