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Looking for that classy-smooth ceiling Finish?

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Ottawa's top Stipple Removal Company

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The Process

First, we set up protection for your home. Then, we sand down the textured ceiling with vacuum attachments. We fix any ceiling cracks. Then 3 coats of mud are added. Finally, we sand and paint the new, smooth ceiling.

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Can't get away from the office? No Problem, we can communicate by video conference to show you our progress and make sure you're happy every step of the way.

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Need a stipple, stucco, or popcorn ceiling repaired ASAP? We can't remove popcorn ceilings quickly, but we can repair any textured ceiling in a jiffy. Call us to see what can be done.

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Part of what makes us Ottawa's best stipple removal company is that we have popcorn removal contractors that speak French, English or Spanish.

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Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Need asbestos removal along with your popcorn ceiling, stucco ceiling, or stipple ceiling removal? Using our dustless system, you have nothing to worry about. We've got you.

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Simple Pricing

Tired of being surprised by extras? PatchBoyz lets you know the full cost for popcorn ceiling removal or other texture ceiling removal cost upfront, so you never have to worry.

Bank of montreal BMO has used patchboyz to repair drywall at their headquarters in toronto
patchboyz has helpsed great northern insulation with patching
patchboyz aided in the upfit to the bayshore location with drywall and mudding work
mr rooter has used patchboyz to repair drywall
Patchoyz has helped reliance home comfort with drywall repairs and asbestos removal

Our Work

Textured Ceiling Removal Process

After a free evaluation of the project, where we also make sure our family and your family work well together, this is the execution plan for non-asbestos containing popcorn ceiling, stucco ceiling or stipple ceiling removal.


The process for removing popcorn ceiling with no asbestos and any textured ceiling is as follows:

1. Setup & protection of your home and possessions

2. Sand popcorn, stucco or stipple ceiling down w/ dust extractor

3. Fix ceiling cracks

4. Spray three coats of mud

5. Sand the ceiling, prime & paint X2


Stipple or Popcorn Ceiling Removal With Asbestos

The process for asbestos containing popcorn ceiling, stucco, or stipple ceiling removal is a bit more tedious and expensive, as you can imagine.

We're fully certified for asbestos removal and mold removal and licensed for its transportation to the landfill.


Ottawa stipple removal can a very messy process. This is why we've invested $18,000.00 into our dustless extraction system and spray equipment. The benefit of using this system is not only that you don't have to clean all the spots we might miss, but you also don't need to have your ducts cleaned when we're done.


Give us a call. Our family is here to serve yours.

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About PB Ottawa Stipple Removal

PB Ottawa Stipple Removal is a division of PatchBoyz Drywall Repairs. We're Ottawa Drywallers, so seeing as we're playing in mud all day, skimming ceilings is a natural part of our job / habitat.


As a team led by two brothers, communication on the team and with clients is top notch and can't be beat. We're in constant contact with you to make sure you're getting a service that is unrivalled. Plus, we state our stipple or popcorn ceiling removal costs upfront so you're never surprised with how much our texture ceiling removal or repair is.


Unfortunately, in construction, as with other industries, there are companies with subpar procedures or surprise fees you only learn about after its too late. Rest assured that our word is our bond and the price is final.


Work with us and see why people say what they do! You won't be disappointed.

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Quick look at our happy clients


Our customers say it best

and we love them for it.

"Jud called to let us know he would be exactly 2 minutes late. I thought this to be quite funny. I am not given to handing out references, but both I and the friends whom I was accompanied by were impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout... I have no hesitation in giving you this letter of endorsement."

— Rita C

I've hired Jud on two occasions to patch holes in our drywall left by a plumber. He is always very responsive and in both cases completed the work within 24hrs of reaching out. He is super pleasant to deal with and his work is excellent. I highly recommend!

— Ashley C

"Highly recommended. Professional team with an eye for details. Super clean, super courteous. Gave us smooth ceilings around our home, even our skylight, and it makes a world of difference. Thanks Patchboyz!”

— Jimmy and Martine M

We're proudly Servicing all of Ottawa and the Valley including:

Ottawa, Nepean, Bells corners, Gloucester, Orleans, Navan, Rockland, Clarence creek, Limoges, Casselman, Kanata, Stittsville, Greely, Kemptville, Barrhaven, Morrisburg and more.

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Why Patchboyz?

Life ain't perfect, but everybody has the right to a smooth ceiling that doesn't drive them insane.


Whether this is a new home or a memory filled one, we can agree that popcorn is for the movies, not your ceiling.  We're experts at getting your ceiling flattened and painted in a timely fashion so that you can get back to what matters most. ;)

O Ethical

O Fully Equipped

O Trilingual - French, English & Spanish

Ottawa Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

Many people are looking to get their popcorn ceilings removed. It's not uncommon for folks to call it a stucco ceiling. Most people call it popcorn and while popcorn certainly is a thing, popcorn is an extremely thick texture that went on ceilings, usually in multi-dwelling complexes and is much uglier than regular popcorn. Another common name, which we can't say is inaccurate, is textured ceilings. They proper term is actually stipple. But we're not here for a history, so let's move on.

O Popcorn Ceiling Removal     O Stucco Ceiling Removal

O Stipple Ceiling Removal        O Textured Ceiling Removal

What Goes Into the Cost of Removing Popcorn Ceiling?

First let's examine what we're talking about here. We're talking about laying our floor protection throughout the entire area. Doing this room by room would be extremely expensive. So all the furniture must be cleared out for ease of execution as well as to eliminate trip hazards. You have to remember that the crews are looking up all day, not down.


Then, using a dust extractor hooked up to a big orbital sander, the crews remove all the stipple or popcorn ceiling. Then they apply 3 to 4 coats of mud (skim coats) over top. There are different methods of doing this. So far, apart from the floor protection, we've gone over the ceilings 4 times. Every square inch of that ceiling has been touched 4 times, if not 5. Now it's time for sanding. Again, using a dust extractor and a sander. Once that is done. A heavy primer is applied to the entire ceiling. New mud, or drywall compound, is extremely porous and sucks up the primer like there is no tomorrow. It's like a dehydrated velociraptor. Then 2 coats of paint must be applied and the viscosity of a primer and ceiling paint is almost identical. You would think that 1 coat of paint over a thick primer would be fine but painting fresh drywall compound is not like painting newly hung drywall. It's hungry.


So now we've gone over every square inch of the ceiling, not including the floor protection, 8 or 9 times if we had to do a fourth coat. Why would we have had to do a fourth coat? Sometimes the ceiling is in very poor condition. Sometimes the edges need extra attention and blending. Other times there are many cracks in the ceiling that have been repaired and need blending. On other occasions you have wavy ceilings that weren't noticeable with the stipple but now flat, these ceilings would make you wish you'd never gotten rid of it. This takes a lot of mud and expertise to fix. Not only is this manual mudding and correction application very intricate work, but only a seasoned technician would know how the 8am light or 5pm glow will come through that window and affect the ceiling and know exactly where to start and where to end this correction. Because you have to remember that the regular 3 coats are just 3 thin skim coats, they aren't thick coats for covering the stucco ceiling (see what I did there?).


Now if a company were paying its employees next to nothing, the process would be cheaper, but in order to have quality staff that is eager to come to work and especially eager to remove stipple all day these technicians are well paid and despite all the material necessary for popcorn ceiling removal, the labour remains the most costly part of it all.


The Average Cost of Popcorn Ceiling Removal with Patchboyz vs Other Companies

We have done small popcorn removal projects for $1800 and we've done large popcorn ceiling removal for $19,000. But from our research we've been able to identify that our removal cost is usually 25% to 40% less expensive than buying the option straight from your home builder. The new home builders we've looked at are often up-selling popcorn ceiling removal for $25,000 for an average home. [Written in Jan 2021]


Of course we haven't talked asbestos. If your home is found to have asbestos, most companies won't touch it. Fortunately we're licensed for this kind of thing. We've developed a process that while, more expensive than regular stipple ceiling removal, is not cost prohibitive and leaves you with an equally nice finish, allowing you to open up the space and reflect the light throughout your home as you would with a regular non asbestos flat ceiling. Ask us about it!


If you'd like to know a little more about what it might cost to remove the popcorn ceiling in your home, reach out to us. We've be happy to give you a Free Estimate and recommend the phasing for your project if you're currently living in your home.

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Our Other Services

We're not just a Stipple Removal Company

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Patching & Painting

It's much more affordable to have plaster crack repairs done while we're doing stipple removal as we're already setup to serve you.

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Stipple/Popcorn Ceiling Repair

While we are experts at removing popcorn ceiling, we also can repair it too. Stipple ceiling repair is quicker than full removal, and we can take care of it in a jiffy.

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Asbestos Removal

Are you planning a renovation but first need to take care of an asbestos containing product in your home? We will handle the extraction, front to back. No need to worry.

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Need it Gone? We're Stipple's Worst Nightmare

We're equipped with the top of the line Tools for the most perfect finish when it comes to flat ceilings. Want to know more? We'd be happy to chat with you about how it all goes down. Chat soon. :)

Or message us, below :)

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